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Coach Schloder in Istanbul, Turkey Swim Camp , June 9-15

Back Arch DemoUnderneath the swimmer to demonstrate the back arch position after the Back Crawl start. Not too many coaches can do this perfectly!


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  1. Sue Brown

    Hi There,
    Can you please provide contact details of any Turkish coaches that I can use to continue my 2 girls’ training during their vacation at the Titanic Hotel, Lara beach from 10-24th August 2016? Hope you can help!
    Kind regards,

    1. coach

      I suggest you contact ISIK Ocullari School in Istanbul and their Athletic department. They may be able to help. I held a Summer Clinic there in 2014 and they have a swim team or have suggestions whom to contact.

  2. Bassam Faied

    I would like to ask about enrolling my kid in a professional swimming camp in istanbul during the period from 16/12/2015 to 06/01/2016. He is ranked out tof top 5 in Egypt National rankings



    1. coach

      Sent answer on email ucalgary.ca

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