Oct 28

Tip of the Week – October Recap

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Coach Monika says…

Week 1:

Oh yes, we all have done it! Rushing home from training, stopping to pick up some groceries.

Here are some interesting pointers from Germany: The Traps of the Super Markets.

Super Markets are laid out and organized as the ‘feeling-well zone. It is no coincidence that we usually buy more than we actually need. HA! The marketing people know that and make sure we are in a ‘happy buying mood’ because we are driven by feelings and emotions.

They discovered that 70% of our buying decision is spontaneous. So, they set us up! They found out that men tend to ‘put on the brakes’ when accompanying while women love to shop, and buy more when alone. The husband may instead sit at Starbucks, waiting. So, let’s direct the buying toward women!


Week 2: 

According to marketing assumption, most people are right-handed, and they set the trap for us to start that way, moving through the isles on the left side to get to the products we really need, which, by the way, are strategically placed on all 4 corners!

On the way through, we stop and look because some items are ‘on sale or a good deal!’ So, lets’ buy it even though we really do not need it. Indeed, the products may in fact not be cheaper! We are being ‘fooled’!

Special flooring and special sampling stands for testing’ ‘goodies’ make us stop but we also tend to gaze around … something may ‘catch our attention!’ Marketing is smart!


Week 3: 

Never go shopping when hungry! They discovered that the smell of fresh baked goods makes us hungry!  So, they created this artificial smell and fan it throughout the store. By the way, vanilla flavor is the big allurement! Move about in sections with cosmetics and magazines and take a ‘whiff’! It is very often used here. The recommendation is to suck peppermint candy or gum to counteract the temptation.


Week 4:

Nice, soft, and lulling music is played at the 72 resting pulse rate on purpose to relax us, and make us ‘feel good.’ Then there is the lighting effect to make even a pale tomato look better. Packaged meat, fruit, vegetables appear fuller, fresher and juicier, especially when helped along with the water sprayer to make everything look like ‘fresh from the farm.’ Pick up the food, step away from the artificial lighting, and examine the difference.


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