Mar 30

Tip of the Week – March Recap

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Coach Monika says…

Researchers point to the fact that we should begin to nurture our memory or mental fitness as early as possible… the earlier – the better! Accordingly, nerve cells have the ability to form and build new networks up to the age of 90 years! To do this, it is essential to have regular brain stimulation, and maintain a healthy life style. Essentially, it is all about prevention of future dementia, memory loss. Here are some special Tips by German medical and nutritional experts.


To Strengthen, Improve, and Maintain Memory


Week 1:

Change – Vary or Diversify Activities

It is aid that routine is ‘poison for our spirit.’ Every planned interruption of daily routine stimulates the gray cells of the brain. So, brush the teeth with the opposite hand; take a new road drive or go shopping; re-arrange your office or furniture at home; learn a new language or a musical instrument.

Nutrition Helpers–

  • Nuts: they lower the blood sugar, and cholesterol as both cause clotting of arteries, which affects the oxygen supply to the brain.
  • Fish: the brain needs Omega 3-fats for healthy functioning. Salmon, Mackerel, Herring, Sardines are good sources. Experts recommend fish at least 2x week
  • Bread, Pasta, Potatoes: carbohydrates are energy sources for mental activity because they convert to glucose from which the brain draws the energy. Include a banana for snacking to stimulate the glucose production.
  • Ginkgo: Japanese study reveals that concentrated plantar material from Ginkgo leaves enhances the transition between nerve cells and lowers infection. Research is underway to examine the long-term use and prevention of Alzheimer.


Week 2:
  • Coffee: good news for coffee drinkers…researchers have found a link to potentially prevent Alzheimer. Caffeine seems to protect the brain from harmful influences. Suggested: one cup per day.
  • Brain Training: our muscles have to be trained, as does the brain I order to function properly and efficiently. Use 15 minutes per day to stimulate the growth of new brain cells: language, reading, cross-word puzzles (and definitely not ‘texting’!).


Week 3:
  • Dancing: besides daily exercise, engage in dancing. Researchers found that this activity tends to lower dementia by 76 percent. Seniors were found to perform better in concentration activities after taking up dancing or other exercise. Turn on the tune and swing the legs in the living room!


Week 4:
  • Sleep: restful and good sleep for 7-8 hours enhances brain recovery, acting as a natural rejuvenating cure/makeover. Sleeping less than 6 hours per night has been found to increase the risk of dementia.
  • Stress Relief and Relaxation: stress increases the cortisone level, which impedes the growth of new nerve cells. Plan a resting time as a routine; engage in Yoga, Tai Chi, or Progressive Muscle Relaxation.


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