Jan 30

Tip of the Week – January Recap

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Coach Monika says…

Are you providing your Athletes with Recommendations and Nutritional Guidelines or Hints on a regular basis?

We’ve all heard the adage, “You are what you eat.”

According to The Healthy Mind Cookbook, chef, nutritionist and author Rebecca Katz, there’s a real connection between the food we consume and the functionality of our brains. She reveals the top eight brain-boosting foods. Remember to add these to your grocery list!


Week 1:


The herb has vitamin A, which can increase the brain’s plasticity, and vitamin C, which may protect against memory loss. Plus, the scent increases alertness.

Coach M suggests: Mint Tea using real Mint not dried or chew some leaves… also good for good breath and according to health specialist better than mouthwash, which dries your mouth!


Eat these with the skins on… that’s where the powerful antioxidant phenols reside. They’re also a good source of  magnesium, which may help regulate sleeping patterns.

Coach M suggests: add these to your cereal or ‘bag’ as snacks.


Week 2:


The ‘darlings’ of the produce section, avocados are full of carotenoids, which help improve brain performance. Plus, they’re loaded with healthy fats, which keep inflammation under control and lower the risk of heart disease. Heart healthy = brain healthy.

Coach M suggests: add slices to salad or use as dip.


It’s all about the good fats here. Extra virgin olive oil has more monounsaturated oleic acid than any other oil, a key element in better memory and higher scores on verbal fluency tests

Coach M suggests: use it for cooking and salad dressing.


Week 3:


Not everyone’s favored but they’re high in nitrites, which have been shown to increase blood flow in parts of the brain related to executive functioning. They’re also packed with folate (aids cognitive functioning), which can help delay dementia (think ahead… we all get older).

Coach M suggests: add to salad or try a beet salad to make it more palatable!


It is a great source of vitamin C, which may elevate your mood, and vitamin K, which can keep your mind sharp in your older years.

I have my athletes ‘bag’ cauliflower, carrots, celery sticks, dried fruit, and nuts for snacks!

Coach M suggests: add to salad or break up into smaller pieces and ‘bag’ for snacks.


Week 4:


Katz calls these ‘nature’s smallest antidepressant.’ They’re loaded with zinc, a mineral that keeps depression at bay. They also contain glutamate, which produces GABA, a chemical that fights stress in the brain.

Coach M suggests: add to breakfast Muesli, salad or ‘bag’ as snacks.


Yes, I know…. yikes! However, they’re loaded with vitamin B12, an essential for basic cognitive functioning. The mineral calcium can help slow the onset of brain diseases. Plus, anchovies are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can boost the performance of brain neurons. Substitute Salmon or any other fish for dinner.

Coach M suggests: fixing a Caesar Salad… any good version contains anchovy paste.

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