Aug 31

Tip Of the Week – August Recap

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Coach Monika says…


Week 1: Often, people tend to think of perfectionism as a positive quality. However, it can also be detrimental to self-confidence and performance because athletes tend to be very critical of themselves and may not easily overcome negative feelings.


Week 2: Being critical about oneself may also result in becoming critical of others (coaches, team mates, etc.) or blaming others or something else rather than analyzing the ‘true’ cause of the lack of performance.


Week 3: Using negative statements in self-talk (I can’t do this … I never will be able to… etc.) have to be turned around into positive statements because … if you can’t – you won’t!


Week 4: Teach athletes (including yourself as a coach and the parents) to compare athletes’ performance to personal achievements not to the performance of other athletes.

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