May 06

Tip Of The Week – April Recap

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Coach Monika says…


Week 1: Did you know that noise is a risk factor for hearing loss, Given the reality that many children and youth scurry around with the techno gadgets in their ears the tendency is to elevate the level too high, exceeding 85 decibels.


Week 2: For those attending Fitness Studios, the noise level can reach between 100-110 decibels, according to a Swedish study. This is in excess of 30-40 percent, according to the US Council of Sport Exercise.


Week 3: Reasons for the Warm-up before Physical Activity or Training is the physiological preparation to:
Warm-up muscles and/or muscle groups; increase the Heart Rate (HR); avoid injuries; and readies for the technical
or specific skill preparation ahead.


Week 4: Reasons for the Cool-down after Physical Activity or Training is the physiological and psychological recovery to: Lower the Heart Rate (HR); increase the ‘stretch’ reflex; rid muscles or muscle groups of lactic acid; reduce injuries; and serves as a psychological ‘come down’ from the activity or trainng session.

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