May 06

Tip Of The Week – April Recap

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Coach Monika says…


Week 1: Ever wonder about the lack of creativity among many athletes (unless in sports depending on this aspect)? According to German 17th century literature (and there are volumes on this subject), childhood ‘play’ is important to foster creativity, initiative, self-satisfaction, ability to self-determination, and authentication (self-confirmation). The ‘Glimmer box’ (my German sarcasm for TV) texting gadgets, and all those video games have become modern ‘play substitutes.’ Think about it! Even some two-year olds are now given ‘tablets’ by parents to keep them occupied! What has become of the sandbox and building castles or playing ‘hide and seek’? Sad!

Week 2: Happy coaching is: Your youngest athlete proclaims: “I wanna be a coach like you when ‘I’ grow up!”

Week 3: Joy is: Remaining ‘human’ despite all the winning!

Week 4: Joy is: Always striving to be noble in pursuit, courageous, righteous, and fair in sports!

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