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Tip of the Month – May

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Coach Monika says…


Ever experienced neck tension, discomfort/soreness, or even pain after extended smartphone or laptop use? According to medical research, looking at your tablet with a tilted head, a most unfavourable position, leads to muscle tension and soreness in the shoulders and neck, as does prolonged sitting with incorrect posture. Massive tension in the upper back, shoulders, and neck region can lead to stress and persistent headaches.

Moreover, many sport activities utilize movement patterns with the upper body in the forward and convex position, which results in the ‘forward rounded shoulder syndrome’ or so-called ‘slouch position.’ Therefore, contra-indicated exercises (shoulder and upper body stretches) should be included in daily Warm-up and/or Cool-down exercises for health reasons.

The following exercises are helpful to release tension:

  • Avoid remaining in an uncomfortable or strained position for longer periods of time
  • Tilt head to the R – center head – tilt head to the L – try to touch ear to shoulder while keeping shoulder depressed (down) – 8-16 repetitions
  • Rotate shoulder slowly forward – 8-16 repetitions
  • Rotate shoulders slowly backward – 8-16 repetitions
  • Alternate shoulder rotation – 16 repetitions – forward and backward
  • Pull up R shoulder to R ear – lower – 8-16 repetitions – pull up L shoulder to L ear – lower shoulder – 8-16 repetitions – or alternate shoulder


Exercise #1

Exercise #2















  1. Stand, feet slightly apart or sit upright on a chair, feet flat on floor and slightly apart – place both hands on one side at the back part of the head (on bottom, just above the onset of the neck) – massage neck muscles softly forward and downward toward the chest and ribcage – feel around for small knots of muscles, which cause tension – use two fingers of one hand and palm of opposite hand and apply pressure against the knot[s] until pain ceases – repeat on opposite side
  2. Stand upright, feet slightly apart – pull in stomach – place L hand overhead onto R side of the head – tilt head slowly to L side while stretching R arm at the same time downward until feeling a slight pull in the neck and shoulder girdle – hold 30 seconds – release – repeat on other side – repeat exercise 6-8 times per day


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