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Tip of the Month – March 2020

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“Spice Up” Your Exercise Program – Add and Vary Exercises Part III

I provided samples of exercises for lower body strength and explosive power in the past two Newsletters, especially for developmental athletes. Here is a jumping series with various equipment: chair, stacked mats, and boxes of different height.

Series #3

The following exercise is from “The Kalos Exercise Collection” posted and available here.

We have a repertoire of over 700 exercises, collected over the years from various sports and modified them to suit our training purpose.

The exercises illustrated are self-explanatory – therefore, no explanation is needed

1. Box Jump Variations
Schlots:Users:monikaschloder:Desktop:Phys Lit Final:JpgsAPDX:Apparatus:Box:Ex1 BoxJump.jpg
Schlots:Users:monikaschloder:Desktop:Phys Lit Final:JpgsAPDX:Apparatus:Box:Ex2Hi-Lo BoxJump.jpg
2. Gym Bench Variations

Growing up in the German sport system – especially in Post WWII years – we had few – if any training equipment. One had to get creative! We did, however, have ‘beat-up’ gym benches available and used them for individual exercises (single bench), partner and group exercises. 

These exercises are a lot of FUN, and my University physical education students loved them! There was a lot of laughter and ‘Hoopla’ in the Gym, especially when we had 2-foot jumping races with the bench! FUN group exercises can be designed as competitive races – mark distance of travel.

Single Exercises

Schlots:Users:monikaschloder:Desktop:Final:Jpgs APDX E Illustration:Apparatus:Gym BenchSingle:Ex1 BenchJump.jpg
Schlots:Users:monikaschloder:Desktop:2020:News Months:2020 News:2020:03 Mar:Jpgs:BENCH 21.jpg
Schlots:Users:monikaschloder:Desktop:2020:News Months:2020 News:2020:03 Mar:Jpgs:BENCH 22.jpg

    1-foot Hop – hand support on bench and floor

Partner Exercise

  Up-Down – 1-foot push and hop to full body extension

Group Exercises

Schlots:Users:monikaschloder:Desktop:Phys Lit Final:JpgsAPDX:Apparatus:GymBenchGroup:BENCH3.jpg
Schlots:Users:monikaschloder:Desktop:Phys Lit Final:JpgsAPDX:Apparatus:GymBenchGroup:BENCH4.jpg
Schlots:Users:monikaschloder:Desktop:Phys Lit Final:JpgsAPDX:Apparatus:GymBenchGroup:BENCH5.jpg


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