Apr 02

Tip of the Month – March

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Coach Monika says…

Incorrect Posture: Impact on Sport Performance

Let’s compare the human body to a car! When the vehicle’s alignment is off, tires and other components are affected. When tires are not properly balanced, riding quality diminishes and longevity decreases. The same goes for the human body! Posture represents the body’s alignment – if not properly arranged various problems can occur: restricted range of motion, pain, organ dysfunction, joint, tendon, ligament and muscle stress, etc. Although we don’t expect individuals to be positioned perfectly, we want to strive to achieve the optimal posture.

Athletes’ posture should be assessed regularly due to growth spurt in younger children and youth or injuries as these affect postural alignment. Remedial or corrective exercises need to be designed by an expert, and then included in daily training as part of the Warm-up or Cool-down; in addition, athletes need to be doing these exercises at home on a daily basis to improve postural deficiencies.

For more in depth info refer to March Newsletter Incorrect Posture: Impact on Sport Performance.”

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