Aug 08

Tip of the Month – July

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Coach Monika says…


Grab Your Running Shoes and Bag and Go Plogging!

Hallå (Swedish Hello) – The new way to change your aerobic training from Sweden. The country has already proven its excellence in meatballs, unassembled furniture (Ikea), and musicians (ABBA). Now, it brings us ‘Plog or ploggers’, a combination of the Swedish term “plocka up” (pick up) and jogging. The activity has become popular in other European countries as well, and might be gaining some attention in the USA and Canada.

Step one is to assemble your team. And step 2 is to give every participant a bag to fill up with trash. Think of it as a chance to run, have Fun, help pick up food wrappers, sandwich bags, coffee cups, and other litter while sharing your love of physical activity and keeping our planet a little greener at the same time.

‘Plogging’ is a fresh air activity for your athletes while instilling pride in their surroundings – and perhaps even become more aware of their own impact on the environment.


The Canadian Post (2018, March 27). Plogging: an eco-friendly fitness mash-up of jogging and picking up trash.


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