Jul 31

Tip of the Month – July 2019

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Coach Monika Says…

Sitting with Faulty Hand/Finger Position Creates ‘Bad Habits’

I have observed the sitting postures of athletes during instruction and training sessions (coach talking/athletes sitting) and conditioning or exercise practices. I also see adult spectators at various sporting events with faulty/incorrect hand placement when sitting on the ground, floor, grass, or on bleachers. 

The arms are usually straight or ‘locked’ with hand placement backward or sideways as demonstrated in the pictures. The argument is usually the same… “It feels so much better sitting that way.” True – but our arms do not flex or bend in that direction, and the incorrect hand/finger placement actually forms ‘bad habits!’ If you ever slip and fall the automatic reaction is to reach backward with straight arms and hands facing away from the body … resulting in one or two broken elbows or arms! Hospital reports indicate the frequency of such events. I learned from coaching gymnastics where we teach the correct and safe way to fall and how to absorb the shock in forward, backward, or sideways falls… these become lifelong skills! 

This past January, I slipped on ‘black ice’ outside my garage and fell. I broke the right ankle but arms and elbows were fine due to my trained reaction in falling! Therefore, always place hands and fingers facing forward toward your feet when sitting down or exercising!

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