Jul 29

Tip of the Month – July

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Coach Monika says…


Seven Pointers to Meet Exercise Goals

Coaches, this one’s for you, so listen up!

As I observe coaching colleagues at games/competitions, I’ve noticed many do not represent the ‘ideal role model’ of physical fitness. We are so busy planning, coaching, and doing administration or organizational stuff that the tendency arises to ‘neglect ourselves’ with the excuse of being too busy or too tired! While it’s true that ‘quality’ coaching demands 100% of our attention, focus, and bodies – something which can lead to burnout and potential depression – it’s still possible to take better care of ourselves.

Here, are some suggestions to help coaches remain healthy, physically, emotionally and mentally fit.

  1. Keep an Exercise Chart or Journal/Log
  •   Records provide a tangible way to track your progress and let you know when to move on to the next level.
  •   Noting improvements in the heart rate also provides motivation. Check if 45-60 minutes after exercising there is a decrease in the beat, as the heart gets stronger.
  1. Record Exercise Goals
  •   Studies show that people who chart both short and long-term goals accomplish more of their goals.
  1.  Alternate Same Muscles Strength-training (consecutive days)
  •   This prevents proper recovery and growth.
  •   Allow one to two days before working the same muscle groups.
  1.  Proper Breathing during Exercise
  •   Proper breathing is almost as important as proper form.
  •   Exhale when lifting weights – Inhale when lowering.
  1.  Eat Enough Protein
  •   To lose weight and tone up, the plan should include cardio, strength training, and a lower-calorie diet that’s high in protein — about three-quarters of a gram per pound of one’s ideal body weight.
  •   More protein enhances the effects of exercise and decreases fat without muscle loss.
  1.  Stay Focused – Avoid Distraction during Workouts – if you exercise at home
  •   Reading or watching a complex TV show can actually slow the exercise pace.
  •   Instead, listen to energetic music or try a sitcom (just be sure to place the screen at eye level for better performance).
  1. Include Flexibility and Balance Training in the Workout
  •   Both have to be implemented because they are key to overall fitness.


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