Feb 14

Tip of the Month – February

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Coach Monika says…


Influence of Music on Sport Performance


Researchers have investigated playing and listening to music during training, prior to competition or a game and the influence on athletic performance. According to the findings, there seem to be more positive than negative effects.


Here are some of the positive effects:

  • Can delay fatigue or increase work capacity
  • Can have a number of psychophysiological effects including increased heart rate and respiration – although one needs to consider the sport event – for example, pistol or biathlon shooting – athletes have to lower their HR after the prior skiing portion
  • Is a great tool that can influence emotional and physiological arousal
  • Can help athletes to get into the ‘zone’



  • Know the arousal level that is needed
  • Create numerous playlists to suit training intensity… Relaxing playlist – low arousal… ‘Pumped up’ playlist – high arousal
  • Experiment with your playlist
  • Find music that relates to your movement
  • Tempo of music can have an impact on movement
  • High tempo music for high intensity training – low tempo music for low intensity training
  • Listen to inspirational songs that have positive musical lyrics associated to adversity and triumph
  • Listen to music that evokes positive emotions
  • Stay ‘in tune’ with the body
  • Athletes, however, need to be aware of the following:
  • Pay close attention to the effects taking place, i.e., namely too little or too much arousal, which is going to impede reaching the ideal performance stage
  • If music is too ‘hyped’ it may ‘mask’ potential signs of duress, overexertion, or injury



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