Mar 04

Tip of the Month – February

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Coach Monika says…


Adding Something Different to Your Training Workouts

Sometimes a new year inspires us to shake things up and try something new. Adding some variance to your workout can bring changes to your body and to your fitness level by forcing you to adapt to new movements and new cardiovascular challenges. If coaches or athletes are looking to add some inspiration to the daily training workout, incorporate one of the following trends.

Parkour (x)

Find a suitable area in a nearby park or athletic field. This training style is an urban workout and can be used as additional conditioning. It focuses on moving from point A to point B as quickly as possibly by navigating obstacles with a free flowing combination of movements such as running, swinging, jumping, flipping, vaulting, climbing, and/or rolling. It is a workout that challenges the mind and body to see pathways of movement to work with obstacles as facilitators of movement rather than barriers. It incorporates all types of movement, aerobic, anaerobic, strength, flexibility and agility.

Barre Workouts (x)

Afraid to unleash the ‘inner ballerina’ … well don’t be! Barre fitness classes, a new trend, incorporate postures of traditional ballet in combination with other disciplines like Yoga, Pilates, dance, and functional training. Equipment is used within the class like the barre to support movement and balance, but also small pieces like small hand weights and mini balls. Exercises focus on isometric strength training combined with small range of motion movements to work through the entire body. The functional training of correct posture incorporated within all exercises is one of the greatest benefits for athletes. More detail on posture is forthcoming in the March Newsletter.



Schloder, M.E. (2016). Ballet for Athletes: Modified Exercises for Cross-training.

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