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Tip of the Month – December

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Coach Monika Says…

Dealing with Pre-Christmas Stress

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” but also a time when stress levels tend to soar. While Christmas is known as “the season to be jolly,” it can be a significant source of stress for athletes as pressure from family members, studies, semester exams, and other conflicts rise. Some athletes or even coaches may feel overwhelmed by the excess and organizational expectations and therefore become depressed. Most of us are aware of the adverse effects that stress can have on our body as it impacts our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. The holidays may seem more like trying to meet a high-pressure deadline than having a ‘happy’ time!

Try these ‘Christmas stress-busting strategies’ to ease the strain, and help stress melt away:

Taking Time out:
  • Carrying the world on your shoulders and trying to achieve everything alone during the holidays can take its toll on mind and body. Enlist some help in accomplishing some of the tasks on your list, and take personal ‘time out!’
  • De-stressing can have many benefits. Focus on doing something that you find relaxing to recharge your batteries such as reading a book, watching a Christmas movie, listening to music, or treating yourself to a massage. In essence, ‘pamper’ yourself!
  • Starting the day with ‘good vibes’ in your inbox may be just what is needed. Enjoy a humorous cartoon, personal joke in your email, or a picturesque christmas desktop picture…I have a beautiful advent wreath on my desktop screen, showing 4 advent candles. It makes me feel good, lifts, my spirit, and I play the jazz version of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”
  • Do a different workout activity away from your regular training routine.
  • Take a ‘break’ from social media! Facebook tends to have a negative effect on your happiness… so, log off and enjoy life outside your cell!
  • Spend time with a ‘furry’ friend or someone’s pet…pets only care about being loved and putting a ‘smile on your face’ … watch an animal documentary or movie!

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