Aug 29

Tip of the Month – August

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Try Attentiveness Training For Well-being


According to German NeuroNation, Attentiveness Training (new scientific term for Meditation) is becoming become more and more popular. The method stimulates the mind to pay ‘attention’ to the body and our personal thoughts to increase health and well-being.

What are the underlying concepts so many people are taking it up?
  1. To determine the rate of your ‘attentiveness’ ask yourself ‘how often these are centered upon the ‘here and now’ versus dwelling on past or future events. You may discover that you only spend a small amount of time in the ‘now’ phase.
  2. Attentiveness Training requires special attention to our body to make us more aware of our thoughts, reactions, and breathing pattern.
According to NeuroNation, Attentiveness Training:
  • Heightens our ‘happy emotions’ because past and future thoughts can create negative feelings.
  • Negative emotions are interpreted as part of normal life, and thus evaluated as less negative because they are accepted as such. Therefore, depression is rarely the result of negative emotions.
  • Strengthens so-called Alpha waves, which increases the ability for mind control.
  • Improves concentration and focus.Helps us to improve our ability and capacity to solely concentrate on a given task
  • Helps us to improve our ability and capacity to solely concentrate on a given task since we rarely dedicate our time entirely to one particular item, issue, or problem.
  • Studies show that people, who meditate, regularly experience less pain, are able to deal with it better, and can actually control pain, and potentially learn to even ignore it.







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