Aug 31

Tip of the Month – August

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Coach Monika says…


Fall is almost here! School and Club try-outs are usually part of the September schedule and parents tend to get as anxious as their athletes over upcoming events.

Here are some tips from well-established Sport psychologist, Dr. Patrick Cohn. I have permission to cite part of his post with some modifications on my part.

Eight Tips to Help Athletes Mentally Prepare for Try-outs

  1. Make sure your athlete leaves expectations at home; they won’t be beneficial – only create stress, anxiety, and self-doubts because the greatest limitations are not physical, but mental
  2. Make sure the focus is on ‘one’ play or routine or performance at a time. Avoid thinking about outcomes or potential ‘cuts’
  3. Encourage your athlete to let go of mistakes, and focus on the next play, round, event or performance
  4. Tell the athlete to look confident, keeping their head up, shoulders back, and standing and talking with self-assurance
  5. Encourage your athlete to connect with future teammates. Coaches want to see athletes communicate and demonstrate leadership, even in try -outs
  6. Tell your athlete to be a ‘teachable’ one, and try to make changes provided by the coach
  7. Inspire your athlete to look forward to showcasing their skills at the try-out
  8. Tell your athlete to HAVE FUN!


Patrick Cohn, PhD, and Lisa Cohn

The Ultimate Sport Parent

Peak Performance Sports, LLC
Mental Training for a Competitive Edge

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