Aug 30

Tip of the Month – August 2019

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Coach Monika Says…

Bad Posture – Computers and Neck Pain

Nowadays, people including our athletes, carry out daily activities, exercises or training drills with a ‘slouched or bad’ posture. Incorrect posture affects body position when doing chores, moving about, exercising, walking, running, jumping, or performing athletic skills. Medical experts are dealing with rising problems, such as a stiff neck or neck soreness. The cause is said to be linked to extensive computer work or remaining in the same or prolonged body position.

  • Sit (chair) or stand upright 
  • Legs slightly apart – feet facing forward
  • Face forward – head centered
  • Left arm extended alongside the body
  • Bend Right arm – place bent arm and hand above head across to Left side 
  • Cover top of Left ear with Right hand
  • Pull head carefully to Right side with steady pressure until feeling the stretch in your neck
  • Hold position 10 seconds
  • Release and repeat
  • 8-16 or 15-30 repetitions
  • Repeat with opposite side arm and side
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