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Jan 23

Dr. Schloder speaking at ASCA World Clinic 2013

Dr. Monika Schloder is speaking at the ASCA World Clinic in Swimming in New Orleans, LA, Sept 3-8, 2013 presenting two topics: 1. Progressive Developmental Model for Age Group Swimmers 2. Managing Conflict in Your Club Program        

May 05

Reasons to Incorporate Modified Ballet Training As Cross-Training for Athletes


Coaching Best: Sport sociologists and psychologists have been very concerned for some time about the escalating drop out from organized children and youth sports (currently estimated at 73%). Equally, medical experts are troubled over the lack of fitness due to increased inactivity, rising overweight and obesity among the young. According to many researchers, today’s generation …

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Apr 15

The Importance of Posture in Sports Performance

Posture is important

Coaching Best : The Importance of Posture in Sports Performance Correct and Incorrect Posture One of the unique aspects of ballet training is the requirement that one learns to stand correctly before moving. The balanced placement of the torso over the legs-feet is crucial whereby the pelvis is centered, not tipped forward, sideward or backward. …

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