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May 12

Managing Conflict in Your Club Program

An issue turns into a problem, and easily into conflict if the former cannot be resolved. The latter can be defined as a ‘disagreement’ but it is really more than that. In Your club program conflicts can arise from several sources: coaches, swimmers, parents, organizational-emotional and /or psychological factors. It becomes complex because it is …

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May 11

“Body Language in Coaching: A Tool for Effective Communication”

ASCA World Clinic 2010
 August 30 – September 5 Indianapolis, IN “Body Language in Coaching:  A Tool for Effective Communication”   Abstract …Body Language is the outward reflection of a person’s emotional condition, defined as gestures, postures, and facial expressions by which a person manifests various physical, mental or emotional states and communicates non-verbally with …

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Mar 17

Picture of InMotion Network Board Member, Monika Schloder

Coaching Best: Picture of InMotion Network Board Member, Monika Schloder in action, coaching swim teams in Turku, Finland at a Swim Training Camp (courtesy of TURKU Sunday Edition). (See Full Story Here)

Mar 16

Schloder shines through adversity

Schloder Shines Through Adversity

Aly McAndrews The Gauntlet Coaching Best: There are not very many white women who would have the courage to walk into the backyard of gang territory. However, Monika Schloder is no ordinary woman. A swim coach by trade, a humanitarian in spirit, Schloder once risked her life and limb in an L.A. ghetto. “I was …

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Mar 15

Audio-How Parents’ Body Language Affects Sports Kids


Coaching Best Audio : Ultimate Sports Parent Radio interviews Monika Schloder, a sports consultant who was trained in sports pedagogy, and is the recipient of 14 international coaching and teaching awards and was Alberta 2008 Coach of the year. She discusses how sports kids are affected by their parents’ and coaches’ body language. Mental game …

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