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Feb 27

Post-Training Recovery and Prevention

Re-hydrate – Refuel – Recover   Guidelines and Suggestions – Part 1   Contrary to popular belief, training per se does not make athletes stronger, faster or fitter. Those benefits only are achieved afterwards during recovery when adaptation takes place. No matter the training (duration, volume, or intensity), without adequate recovery athletes not only squander …

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May 11

“Body Language in Coaching: A Tool for Effective Communication”

ASCA World Clinic 2010
 August 30 – September 5 Indianapolis, IN “Body Language in Coaching:  A Tool for Effective Communication”   Abstract …Body Language is the outward reflection of a person’s emotional condition, defined as gestures, postures, and facial expressions by which a person manifests various physical, mental or emotional states and communicates non-verbally with …

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Mar 15

Starts Turns Finishes

Starts Turns Finishs

It ‘blows your mind’ that this coach can teach and coach Starts – Turns – and Finishes on dryland for easier skill transfer to the pool. A progressive and creative approach with activities from artistic gymnastics, dance, and athletics to teach and coach these explosive skills. 580 Starts Turns Finishes – Physical and Technical Preparation …

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