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Letter from Michael F. – MNSA

Hello Dr. Schloder,

I just read your article, “The Progressive Development Model for Age Group Swimmers”, in the ASCA Newsletter of 2013 edition 9.  I wanted to congratulate you.  The article is excellent, right on target.  — and would have been great 40-50 years ago too!!

I coached a very successful age group program of 400 swimmers in Glendale, California, many years ago (1967-1976).  I entered the international business world, living in Belgium and working throughout Europe as well as many other countries (43 to be exact).  Returning the US in 2005, I learned that one needed to be certified to be able to coach swimming, etc. (something I wanted to have in my back pocket). I have done so and am currently certified at level 4, and Level 3 in Masters. I also compete once again.  It has been interesting to me to note that the swimming organization has become much better and includes wonderful articles, meetings and such.  John Leonard has done an excellent job in that arena.  None of this existed, or perhaps barely, when I coached – before ASCA.

Of interest to me is that many of the best coaches have a long history and many years under their belts – for both age group and masters.  While the newer people seem to see certification as a means to a job, not understanding the passion and the requirements to be able to coach, vs. the technical aspects that are learned in the class room.  Your article is addressed to “real” coaches.  Bravo.
Kind regards,
Michael F.
Management, Leadership & Motivation

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