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Dr. Monika Schloder – Guest Speaker Legends Of Texas Swim Clinic

TexasClinicPhotoDr. Monika Schloder, Ph.D.

One of the best prepared sports academics in the world, Dr. Schloder is also that rarity, an active coach, whose expertise spans several sports. Dr. Schloder’s ‘knack’ to analyze sport movement, in essence, detect errors and then develop creative corrections and drills to improve, maximize, and optimize performance – no matter the sport – is one of her greatest assets. She is tradionally one of the “best attended” speakers at the ASCA World Clinics. Dr. Schloder’s multi-part presentation at this Legends of Texas clinic will focus on appropriate progressive sport experiences for age group athletes.


  1. Mike Tampellini

    Would like to know an estimate of having Dr. Schloder as a guest speaker. Thanks.

    1. coach

      sent email on ucalgary.ca

    2. coach

      I am always available. Just need to work out the Topic and details. contact me on my gmail, please.
      Dr. MS

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