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50 Speakers Scheduled for ACSA World Clinic

August 12, 2010


“Two Speakers demonstrate the variety of this year’s ASCA World Clinic…the first is Coach Brett Hawke of Auburn, Gold Medal Coach of sprinter Cesar Cielo of Brazil. Coach Hawke is widely regarded as one of the finest sprint event coaches in the world, and his presentation will center on the preparation for last year’s World Championship Gold Medal for Cesar in Rome.

The second is an “unknown diamond” of coaching, Dr. Monika Schloder of Canada, who will do two presentations, the first, “Ballet for Swimmers for Increasing Body Awareness and Rhythm” and the second, “Body Language in Coaching, A Tool for Effective Communication”. Those who have attended previous presentations of Dr. Schloder’s know that she is a meticulously prepared swimming coach as well as a qualified Academic Instructor and brings both great perceptiveness great understanding of the human body to the clinic. We sometimes think of her as an “age group presenter”, but the point of fact is that her presentations, while primarily intended for coaches of younger athletes, have great applicability to coaches of athletes of all ages.


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