Feb 27

Post-Training Recovery and Prevention

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Re-hydrate – Refuel – Recover


Guidelines and Suggestions – Part 1


Contrary to popular belief, training per se does not make athletes stronger, faster or fitter. Those benefits only are achieved afterwards during recovery when adaptation takes place. No matter the training (duration, volume, or intensity), without adequate recovery athletes not only squander intense efforts but also struggle to recuperate for the next training session, game, competition, or event.

There is more knowledge or awareness nowadays about sport nutrition and the importance of hydration before and during training or competition. However, in many instances the post-training or post-competition recovery is often taken less seriously. The proper pre-training and pre-competition meal ensures that adequate glycogen stores are available for optimal performance (stored sugar) whereby glycogen is converted from carbohydrate (stored in the liver and muscles) into nutrients and used as a fuel during exercise. The body generally has enough glycogen to sustain 65-85 minutes of exercise.

Post-exercise-training re-hydration and nutrition is critical because it improves the ability to train consistently since the focus is on fluid (re-hydration), carbohydrate, and protein intake. ‘Topping up’ is an essential part of the Cool-down because the blood sugar level is spiked as insulin increases in time (takes 12-14 minutes). This allows for more optimal protein absorption later on.


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