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InMotion Network Board Member

Monica Schloder Coach

Monica Schloder Coach

Picture of InMotion Network Board Member, Monika Schloder in action, coaching swim teams in Turku, Finland at a Swim Training Camp (courtesy of TURKU Sunday Edition).

The article stated that Monika had “so much energy which transferred to the swimmers and coaches.” Not a surprise to those who know her…

Monika, an active swim and Modern Pentathalon coach in Alberta, was invited to coach two Finnish swim teams, ages 13 to 24, in August of 2010.

The training camp included two, 2 hour sessions per day, including in-pool sessions for the athletes and coaching theory and technical training and time to exchange ideas for coaches.

In addition to coaching athletes, Monika is a former NCCP Course Conductor for theory and for technical (swimming, artistic gymnastics).

She is also an Alberta Learning Facilitator for the NCCP Part A and B and for 6 Modules in the Competition Development Program.

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