Jan 25

Character Development and Sportsmanship – Part 2

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The discussion in the December Newsletter centered on two theories of moral development. Here is an explanation for the ‘structural approach’ of teaching value within the previously presented ‘educational model’ of coaching/teaching.

The Structural Developmental Approach












Source: Adapted from Weinberg, R. S., & Gould, D. (1995, p.485, citing Weiss, 1991).


Based on this approach, Weinberg and Gould (1995) recommend the following guidelines for our leadership role in moral education (pp. 488-491):

  1. Define sportsmanship in your own particular context or program – with consideration of acceptable social norms of the overall society in mind
  2. Reinforce and encourage sportsmanlike behaviors
  3. Model appropriate behaviors
  4.  Explain your thinking about appropriate behaviors
  5. Discuss moral dilemmas and choices
  6. Build moral dilemmas and choices into practice (on purpose plan an activity which creates a dilemma and discuss the event)
  7. Have sports participants develop a written code of sportsmanship for their program. This includes consequences as solutions for infractions of the moral code.




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