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Nov 29

Tip of the Month – November

Coach Monika says…   Athletes and the Misery of Fungus Attack Someone once said, “feet and fungus is a match made in hell.” Many athletes, no matter the sport, are susceptible to foot fungi due to regular use of gym locker rooms, pools, and shower stalls. Anyone who has suffered the unbearable itching and flaking …

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Jun 27

Tip of the Week – June Recap

Coach Monika says… More and more adults, and of course also children and teens are showing signs of tiredness during their daily undertakings. Obviously, this is an issue with many younger athletes as well or among those undergoing sudden growth spurts. It seems College and University students are likewise affected, especially in classes after the …

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May 25

Tip of the Week – May Recap

Stacked rocks at the beach

Coach Monika says… Lately, I have been receiving articles about stress and anxiety. This affects not only daily life quality but also carries over to training and performance. One suggestion by experts is to become more aware of our breathing patterns because we don’t tend to pay attention at all – or at least minimally. …

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Apr 26

Tip of the Week – April Recap

Coach Monika says… Researchers state that our ‘Techno age’ nowadays heightens anxiety and stress. How? More and more people feel the pressure and compulsion to keep up with the ever-changing daily information data – afraid to miss out on ‘something’ or maybe having to admit that they are less informed than their friends. Athletes feel …

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Mar 30

Tip of the Week – March Recap

Coach Monika says… Researchers point to the fact that we should begin to nurture our memory or mental fitness as early as possible… the earlier – the better! Accordingly, nerve cells have the ability to form and build new networks up to the age of 90 years! To do this, it is essential to have …

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Feb 27

Tip of the Week – February Recap

Coach Monika says… The ‘FLU’ season is returning with a vengeance in many parts of the country. Here are some Tips to ‘boost the Immune System.”   Week 1: The first line of defense is to choose a healthy lifestyle. Follow general good-health guidelines as the single best step toward keeping the Immune System strong …

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Jan 30

Tip of the Week – January Recap

  Coach Monika says… Are you providing your Athletes with Recommendations and Nutritional Guidelines or Hints on a regular basis? We’ve all heard the adage, “You are what you eat.” According to The Healthy Mind Cookbook, chef, nutritionist and author Rebecca Katz, there’s a real connection between the food we consume and the functionality of …

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Dec 29

Tip of the Week – December Recap

Coach Monika says…   Many athletes and coaches snack after arriving home from late practices. Here are some suggestions to avoid certain foods before bedtime. Modified from: Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D.   Foods to Avoid Before Bedtime   If you’re ‘hankering’ for a bedtime snack or beverage, don’t just grab the first thing that sounds …

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Nov 28

Tip of the Week – November Recap

Coach Monika says…   The Aging Coach As we, Coaches, get older, do we ever think about ourselves? Have enough ‘free time’ to keep our spirits and energy up? Starting to feel the aging process? Do we feel pressure to keep up? Do you need reading glasses or a hearing aid? Be sure to hide …

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Oct 28

Tip of the Week – October Recap

Coach Monika says… Week 1: Oh yes, we all have done it! Rushing home from training, stopping to pick up some groceries. Here are some interesting pointers from Germany: The Traps of the Super Markets. Super Markets are laid out and organized as the ‘feeling-well zone. It is no coincidence that we usually buy more …

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