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Mar 06

Tip of the Month – February

Coach Monika Says… Including Postural Exercises to Enrich Your Training Program   As stated in January Tip of the Month, medical researchers point to the fact that postural habits of children and youth – including our athletes of course – are reaching a critical stage. Accordingly, the increase of faulty posture is attributed to the …

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Feb 08

Tip of the Month – January

Coach Monika Says… Including Postural Exercises to Enrich Your Training Program Including Postural Exercises to Enrich Your Training Program   According to medical researchers and experts in the field, postural habits of children and youth, including our athletes of course, are deteriorating to a critical stage. The increase of faulty posture is attributed to the …

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Jan 02

Tip of the Month – December

Coach Monika Says… Dealing with Pre-Christmas Stress “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” but also a time when stress levels tend to soar. While Christmas is known as “the season to be jolly,” it can be a significant source of stress for athletes as pressure from family members, studies, semester exams, and other …

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Dec 07

Tip of the Month – November

Coach Monika says…     Warm-up and Cool-down: Common Mistakes Recently, I observed a group of athletes in their Warm-up and Cool-down activities. I could not believe that coaches were standing around, talking, sipping from their water bottle and slurping Starbucks coffee. It is time to provide some guidelines in order to prevent potential injuries …

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Nov 11

Tip of the Month – October

Coach Monika says…   A Country Going to Pot Implications of Legalization of Cannabis for Canadian Athletes Canada became the second country to legalize cannabis on October 17, 2018 (after Uruguay in 2013). The question now arises: how is this going to impact Canadian athletes in terms of performance, potential health issues, travel to the US …

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Oct 02

Tip of the Month – September

Coach Monika says…   ‘Stamp Out’ Athlete’s Foot I have addressed this medical/hygiene related topic some time ago, but it is once again on the rise. Most likely due to budget cuts, locker room cleanliness is not a priority in many places. Broken lockers, cold-water showers, and dirty stalls is the perfect recipe for continued …

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Aug 31

Tip of the Month – August

Coach Monika says…   Fall is almost here! School and Club try-outs are usually part of the September schedule and parents tend to get as anxious as their athletes over upcoming events. Here are some tips from well-established Sport psychologist, Dr. Patrick Cohn. I have permission to cite part of his post with some modifications on …

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Aug 08

Tip of the Month – July

Coach Monika says…   Grab Your Running Shoes and Bag and Go Plogging! Hallå (Swedish Hello) – The new way to change your aerobic training from Sweden. The country has already proven its excellence in meatballs, unassembled furniture (Ikea), and musicians (ABBA). Now, it brings us ‘Plog or ploggers’, a combination of the Swedish term “plocka …

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Jun 28

Tip of the Month – June

Coach Monika says… Correct and Incorrect Sitting – Things to Bear in Mind Ever watch people in shopping malls or just walking about on the street, busy with their ‘tech gadgets’ oblivious to their surroundings? Medical reports have now identified serious health issues associated with the typical slumped posture adopted while scrolling. I am concerned …

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Jun 01

Tip of the Month – May

Coach Monika says…   Ever experienced neck tension, discomfort/soreness, or even pain after extended smartphone or laptop use? According to medical research, looking at your tablet with a tilted head, a most unfavourable position, leads to muscle tension and soreness in the shoulders and neck, as does prolonged sitting with incorrect posture. Massive tension in …

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