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Mar 03

Tip of the Month – February 2020

Coach Monika Says… “Spice Up” Your Exercise Program – Add and Vary Exercises Part II I provided samples of exercises for lower body strength and explosive power in the January Newsletter, inclusive of the chart, showing the impact of exercises and exercises to avoid, especially for younger athletes.  Here are additional ones for the lower …

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Jan 31

Tip of the Month – January 2020

Coach Monika Says… “Spice Up” Your Exercise Program – Add and Vary Exercises I learned over many years of coaching one needs to be very creative with exercise programs, inclusive Warm-up, Cool-down, and Conditioning. We designed the so-called ‘exercise complex’, comprising 25 exercises per set (standing to sitting, in essence, top to bottom of the …

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Jan 01

Tip of the Month – December 2019

Coach Monika Says… No Snooze, You Lose Researchers keep reporting that more and more children, teens, and adults show signs of tiredness during their daily undertakings. Obviously, this also becomes an issue with many younger and older athletes, and those experiencing a sudden growth spurt. College and University students are likewise affected, especially in classes …

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Nov 30

Tip of the Month – November 2019

Coach Monika Says… Assessing Bad Posture to Avoid Lower Back Pain Bad posture and lower back pain were discussed in the October Newsletter. Here is the follow-up so you can check and/or assess your athletes’ core and back strength. Coaches can also incorporate these into Warm-up, Cool-down exercises, and/or Conditioning program. They should definitely do …

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Oct 30

Tip of the Month – October

Coach Monika Says… Bad Posture and Lower Back Pain It is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed workdays. In a large survey, more than a quarter of adults reported experiencing low back pain during the past 3 months. According to medical information, about 80 percent of adults experience …

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Oct 03

Tip of the Month – September

Coach Monika Says… What’s up with Teen Hygiene Nowadays? And What the High-Tech Industry is Doing About It Over the past 2 years, I have noticed an increase among girls, ages 13-16 with hairy armpits, unshaved legs and the refusal to use deodorants. Given the tween age, boys of the same age are not far behind with their personal hygiene – common phenomenon …

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Aug 30

Tip of the Month – August 2019

Coach Monika Says… Bad Posture – Computers and Neck Pain Nowadays, people including our athletes, carry out daily activities, exercises or training drills with a ‘slouched or bad’ posture. Incorrect posture affects body position when doing chores, moving about, exercising, walking, running, jumping, or performing athletic skills. Medical experts are dealing with rising problems, such …

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Jul 31

Tip of the Month – July 2019

Coach Monika Says… Sitting with Faulty Hand/Finger Position Creates ‘Bad Habits’ I have observed the sitting postures of athletes during instruction and training sessions (coach talking/athletes sitting) and conditioning or exercise practices. I also see adult spectators at various sporting events with faulty/incorrect hand placement when sitting on the ground, floor, grass, or on bleachers.  …

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Jun 28

Tip of the Month – June

Coach Monika Says… Signs Of A Good Youth Coach 1. Help athletes to learn “life lessons” through sport 2. Listen to athletes’ thoughts and opinions 3. Develop a positive rapport with athletes 4. Support, encourage, motivate and inspire athletes 5. Work together to set individual and team goals 6. Help them to understand there is …

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May 27

Tip of the Month – May

Coach Monika Says… Questions For Head Coaches At The End Of The Season I found this post by Chris Fore (November 19, 2018) quite helpful for personal reflection on the seasonal performance of both coaches and athletes. Although the post originally is directed at team sport and players, I modified the Title and applied it …

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