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Sep 28

Tip of the Month – September 2020

Coach Monika Says… Computer ‘Slouch Posture’ Contributes to Back Problems and More Given the fact that all of our children and youth have been homebound due to the Coronavirus and busy with online schooling one can safely assume that many athletes have been sitting daily in front of the computer trying to advance their learning. …

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Sep 02

Tip of the Month – August 2020

Coach Monika Says…  Why You Shouldn’t Wear Flip-flops  Based on my observation throughout the years, many coaches tend to wear appropriate footwear when coaching. The exception seems to be swim coaches shuffling up and down on the pool deck in their flip-flops, especially in the summer. I always use flip-flops in shower stalls to …

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Aug 10

Tip of the Month – July 2020

Coach Monika Says…  Prolong the Lifespan of Your Sport Clothing with Hygiene and Proper Care Given the economic distress during the present Pandemic most families may have to deal with new expenses when sports resume. Sport clothing and shoes are very costly but athletes can lengthen the lifespan of their sport wear through proper …

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Jul 07

Tip of the Month – June 2020

Coach Monika Says… Setting Performance Goals for the 2020-2021 Season It is proper timing at this point for athletes to establish performance goals for the upcoming 2020-2021 season since sports programs are not operating at the present.  Coaches: Send Questionnaire to athletes ages 13 years and older because they are old enough to understand the …

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May 31

Tip of the Month – May 2020

Coach Monika Says… How to Boost Your Athlete’s Immunity during the Virus Pandemic  I discovered this post on the Website of TrueSport (refer to Reference). Although their recommendations are for the Annual Flu season, we can safely assume that these would equally apply to the present COVID-19 pandemic. Due to current social isolation requirements we …

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May 03

Tip of the Month – April 2020

Coach Monika Says… Nutrition Strategies during “Shut Down” and Lack of Training These are ‘hard times’ for regular folks and especially athletes, who are in important training phases! The required ‘shutdown,’ social distancing and isolation at home are big challenges for all active athletes and specifically those training toward regional and national championships, or trying …

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Mar 31

Tip of the Month – March 2020

Coach Monika Says… “Spice Up” Your Exercise Program – Add and Vary Exercises Part III I provided samples of exercises for lower body strength and explosive power in the past two Newsletters, especially for developmental athletes. Here is a jumping series with various equipment: chair, stacked mats, and boxes of different height. Series #3 The …

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Mar 03

Tip of the Month – February 2020

Coach Monika Says… “Spice Up” Your Exercise Program – Add and Vary Exercises Part II I provided samples of exercises for lower body strength and explosive power in the January Newsletter, inclusive of the chart, showing the impact of exercises and exercises to avoid, especially for younger athletes.  Here are additional ones for the lower …

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Jan 31

Tip of the Month – January 2020

Coach Monika Says… “Spice Up” Your Exercise Program – Add and Vary Exercises I learned over many years of coaching one needs to be very creative with exercise programs, inclusive Warm-up, Cool-down, and Conditioning. We designed the so-called ‘exercise complex’, comprising 25 exercises per set (standing to sitting, in essence, top to bottom of the …

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Jan 01

Tip of the Month – December 2019

Coach Monika Says… No Snooze, You Lose Researchers keep reporting that more and more children, teens, and adults show signs of tiredness during their daily undertakings. Obviously, this also becomes an issue with many younger and older athletes, and those experiencing a sudden growth spurt. College and University students are likewise affected, especially in classes …

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