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Jul 03

Video Clip – Plié Instructions

  Here’s another ‘peek’ to the upcoming Ballet for Swimmers and Ballet for Athletes     Coach Monika teaching the correct Plié position  (Bending of the Knees) and alignment of the Knees over the Toes in the Foot Turnout

Jul 30

Coming Soon!! Ballet For Swimmers DVD

Ballet For Swimmers Dual DVD Set Expected Release Date – November 2014 The ballet exercises in this DVD are modified and adapted to enhance functional and motor fitness. Daily posture training and associated corrective exercises not only benefit technical skill learning but also improve personal health and well-being. General body, limb and spatial awareness, muscular …

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May 28

Importance of Rhythm Training

If you think about it… everything we do has a rhythm or ‘beat’… our heart, the way we talk, walk, run, or generally move! Yet, we hardly point this out to our athletes. The ability to dictate and control the specific rhythm of any given skill, we call it ‘correct timing’ and pacing, is the …

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