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Oct 03

Managing Conflicts in Your Program & Developing Younger Staff Members

Ready to Develop Your Leadership Skills? The new season has started or is starting up for many sports teams. It is now a crucial time to examine your leadership skills to prevent, avoid, and/or manage potential conflicts in your program. Furthermore, it is also important to develop younger staff members to create a unified and …

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Aug 30

Hot Weather – Humidity and Athletic Performance

We all enjoy it – sun and lovely summer weather after miserable winter months! However, it is no longer just warm but temperatures are at sweltering levels. This plays havoc, especially in high humidity, and creates not only strain on the body, but also on circulation, skin, and the heart, no matter the age.  Athletes …

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Jul 31

Nature Versus Nurture – The Debate Continues

The expression ‘nature and nurture’ is actually derived from ancient Greek (ἁπό φύσεως καὶ εὐτροφίας – by nature and process), and has been in use since medieval England and France. In the twentieth century, studies of twins separated at birth were thought to settle the debate, namely that human behavioural development is affected both by …

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Jun 27

Are Sports Under Moral Attack by Liberal Academics?

Academics Claim: Dodgeball Harms Student Players! I was actually working on “gender and female coach mentorship” for the June Newsletter when I received this bizarre article over the Internet and US Fox News, USA.  Yes, coaches, get this! The play/game and physical activity of dodgeball that many of us most likely played during our school …

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May 25

Sleeping Habits & Their Effect on Sport Performance

General well-being not only means being physically active but also taking care of the body to achieve active living, overall health, and quality of life. Humans cannot survive without the proper amount of sleep. Sleep disturbance and lack of sleep lead to more significant consequences than just dark circles around the eyes. No concealer can …

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May 03

The Disheartening State of Modern-day Youth Sports

Destroying the Youth Sports Experience for Our Children Are youth sports very different than when you were growing up? As a parent, do you feel athletes are being asked to do more and more at a very young age? Should children play multiple sports, or select a single sport and go for it? How about …

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Apr 01

The Coddling of Athletes’ Minds – Praising Effort Not Performance

The current US College and University admission scandal for the benefit of “coddled Tinseltown celebrity” daughters is just one example of assuring success based on parental status, income, wealth, and “pampered” access. Dr. Everett Piper, author of Not a Day Care poses the question “what has happened to the American spirit?” We’ve gone from “give …

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Mar 06

The Relative Age Effect: How Does It (Dis)Advantage Young Athletes?

Ever wonder if athletes possess certain advantages or drawbacks based on their birth dates? Researchers have established that this is indeed a factor and does make a difference! It becomes not only important for coaching, but also for parents to understand because of parental tendencies to compare their child/children to others within the same group. …

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Feb 04

Take a Break – Trade in Technology for Music

Music Helps Heal Body and Spirit According to recent medical research, anxiety, depression, and suicides (or suicidal thought) are increasing among youth and even children. Researchers point out that the same issues would also be present at an estimated 10 percent in the sports world. Therefore, we can assume that this would apply to our …

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Dec 28

The Power of Transformative Leadership

Ever wonder about the state of excellent leadership skills nowadays, as it seem to be getting more and more scarce? Actually, the current state of affairs is discouraging, dispiriting, and almost depressing – at least for me! Leadership means different things to different people around the world, as well as different things in different situations. …

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