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Dec 28

The Power of Transformative Leadership

Ever wonder about the state of excellent leadership skills nowadays, as it seem to be getting more and more scarce? Actually, the current state of affairs is discouraging, dispiriting, and almost depressing – at least for me! Leadership means different things to different people around the world, as well as different things in different situations. …

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Dec 07

Get Concussion Smart: Making Headway in Sport

The topic of Concussion has been at the forefront of news coverage for some time, whether in Professional or Amateur sports. While most incidents occur in team sports, there are instances in individual sports as well. Cheerleading, gymnastics (fall from High bar, uneven bars, balance beam, vaulting (landing), swimming (slipping on deck, crashing into pool …

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Nov 10

Not With a Bang, But With a Bong

I usually try refrain from interjecting political opinion into monthly Newsletters. However, I want to address the issue of cannabis from the perspective of health educator, teacher, and coach because athletes can/could be affected and need to be educated on the potential WADA implications and side effects of usage. Canadians are now allowed to consume …

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Sep 30

Long-term Athlete Development: The Solution or The Problem? – Part III

Talent Identification versus Talent Selection Coaches often claim to be great talent identifiers when they point to the success of their young athletes 10 and 11 years of age. However, they are really talent selectors, not talent identifiers; and this assumption could be more detrimental to the development of youth athletes in many sports. Talent …

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Aug 31

Long Term Athlete Development: The Solution or the Problem? – Part II

It has been said that we need coaches – great coaches that is! They should be highly qualified, offering knowledge about physical preparation, possess technical knowledge, knowledge about psychology of performance, child maturation process, and the socio-emotional behaviour of children. This aspect is not included in most LTD models; nonetheless, it is critical for the …

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Aug 06

Long-term Athlete Development: The Solution or the Problem? – Part I

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is on the forefront once again for discussion among sport experts. I received an email in May from Jim Kielbaso, IYCA CEO (International Youth Conditioning Association), who shared his thoughts on existing LTD models. Given his permission, I used the posting with modifications and additional information for this Newsletter. Background to LTD …

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Jun 28

The Secret of Healthy Sitting Posture

As a follow-up to the June Tip of the Month – the impact of incorrect sitting – Surgeon Dr. Gerd Schnack from the Sport and Prevention Center in Zug, Switzerland informs us about impingement on the neck, spine, hips, skeleton, joints, and related muscle groups. Humans are made for walking and running, not sitting, according …

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Jun 01

Positive Impact of Multi-Sport Experience – Part 4

Previous articles centered on burnout and dropout, stress, and injuries linked to early specialization. While the topic has been a hot discussion for years, it seemingly has had little impact! Parents and coaches still embrace the ‘win at all cost’ attitude and push kids early on despite existing data or expert opinions and well-reviewed evidence highlighting …

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Apr 29

Consequences of Early Specialization in Children and Youth Sports – Part 3B

In support of the previous discussion, I have added an article by Glen Mulcahy. *The article has been modified somewhat for this Newsletter.*Glen Mulcahy is the Founder and CEO of Paradigm Sports; and Executive Director, For the Love of the Game. He is a Hockey Canada NCCP Facilitator & Regional Evaluation Coordinator for BC Hockey …

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Apr 28

Consequences of Early Specialization in Children and Youth Sports – Part 3A

Experts have been discussing the topic of early specialization to a great extent lately because the consequences of this training approach are apparently very detrimental, according to their research. German-American developmental psychologist Erik Ericson (1902-1984) is best known for his theory on the psychological development of human beings, and coining the phrase ‘identity crisis.’ He …

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